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Saziran Consulting Engineers
  • Saziran Consulting Engineers
  • Saziran Consulting Engineers
  • Saziran Consulting Engineers
  • Saziran Consulting Engineers
  • Saziran Consulting Engineers
  • Saziran Consulting Engineers
  • Saziran Consulting Engineers
  • Saziran Consulting Engineers
Designing and Surveillance

Saziran Co. by attracting experts in field of professional designing steel, concrete and hybrid structures, is able to present professional services for those who are thinking about constructing ideal structures. According to recent changes in three important building codes in Iran, Saziran has updated its files and algorithms corresponding to new codes and standards.

Seismic Rehabilitation and Retrofitting

Saziran Co. having sufficient knowledge and experience, based on the latest codes as well as enjoying the most advanced industrial equipment and modern technologies and accessing the most accurate and specialized laboratories, does retrofitting and rehabilitation projects form initial assessment to final implementation accomplish with guaranteeing the best services.

Implementation and Construction

Regarding successful experiences , Saziran Consulting Engineers Co. at beginning of its activity was honored of gaining 1st grade in all fields. Currently Saziran, using exceptional features and capabilities, with designing and implementation of various projects, is one of the most active companies in the field of construction and implementation engineering.

Inspection and Quality Control

Saziran Co. with developing organized activities, making and enhancing the level of participation, enjoying experience and expertise of staffing and using novel technologies in engineering design and quality control, has focused all its efforts to provide accurate, comprehensive and timely services for attracting and increasing customers satisfaction.

Research and Development

Advancement of technology, enhancing the level of quality, planning for increasing productivity result importance of research and development. In order to considerate standard safety as well as economical designing and durable buildings, we should always be updated about latest technologies, construction methodologies and new materials.


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Saziran consulting engineers, Sazehay Armany Hezareh Sevom, has been registered with the aim of providing structural engineering services (Reg. number: 447022).Major company’s activities are in field of providing technical and engineering services such as designing, supervision and implementation of residential, official, commercial and industrial projects, seismic rehabilitation and retrofitting, and application of innovative structural systems. Providing the optimized design with use of exclusive company’s algorithms is another service which is represented by Saziran Co.

First period of activity has been launched in middle of 1999. Each key employee after graduating from university was engaged in the field of consultation, designing, supervision and implementation of civil projects in Tehran and also other cities. In addition to the technical issues, they were always looking for research and development in the field of civil engineering. These efforts resulted numerous books and papers which has been published by Elme omran and also became a guideline for engineers.Second period of activities has began after founding the company as a legal personality and after being a member in Tehran Construction Engineering Organization and scientific and researching forums such as American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC), Iranian Concrete Institute (ICI), Iranian SSE, Iranian Society of Steel Structures (ISSS), etc.

This firm is honored receiving certification in field of quality management in engineering services. Company’s organization chart is designed to always provide best consultation and implementation services in order to get client’s satisfaction and offer ideal design.

Our colleagues motto in SAZIRAN is “Think ideally, Live ideally”

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